Weekend Warrior: Colorado, USA


I've madly fallen in love with the weekend again.

Farmer' markets, bbq's, beach bonfires, beer festivals, and boozy brunch. What's there not to love?

But, I'm not talking about all that glitters and glows in the local albums on our Instagram accounts. I'm saying I've taken back the weekend and turned it in to something more than just two days we use for eating, drinking, and playing within the 3-mile radius of our homes (or the 405). Simply: get out of town.

Of course, a whirlwind weekend where you get home at 9pm on a Sunday night having not done your laundry, the grocery shopping, or tackled the usual week-day dish pile isn't for the weary. But, if you prescribe to the notion that life should be lived to the fullest, then heck. A teeming basket of laundry is a trophy of triumph.

When planning a weekend getaway, it's important to make sure that you don't drain your precious time with travel. I say limit "each way" to 4 hours, which means the longest plane ride you can take is 2 hours, the furthest you can go north, south, or east is 120 miles (if you drive the limit), and or however far 4 hours will take you on a train (TBD). I recommend leaving Friday night so you can utilize Saturday on-location to the fullest, or, if you must, leave super early Saturday morning (no traffic - you'll be shocked how far you get in a matter of minutes).

Pearl Street
Recently, I took a trip to Colorado. Many of my friends have been asking for inspiration, so here's my itinerary and recommendation for the Colorado Weekend Warrior.

Depart: LAX at 6pm, arrive in Denver, CO at 9-ish pm.
Rent: A car. You'll need it, and from Friday night until Sunday night mine cost roughly $50.
Stay: Find a friend. That's what Facebook is for. Or, opt to stay outside of Denver (cheaper hotel) or using a delightful website I LOVE: www.hoteltonight which lets you score super-last minute hotel rooms for uber-deep discounts. We're talking more than 50% off. 

Visit: Pearl Street is Boulder's "Main street." Coffee shops to restaurants, hiking apparel to high-end duds an everything in between, check out the site for more ideas and to plan your promenade stroll: http://www.boulderdowntown.com/visit/history-of-pearl-street
Eat: Oak at Fourteenth 
Drink: Ozo Coffee 

Run, walk, or picnic: Washington Park
Eat. drink: Linger

Naturally, there's a whole host of things to do like museums, trail races, hikes, music festivals - it just depends on the weather, time of year, and your fancy. Whatever you do, make sure it's what you love. Because - that's how you weekend warrior.

Why Lincoln Blvd Is The New Abbot Kinney

There’s a new block you should know about. Some are even venturing as far to say that it’s the beginning of the next Abbot Kinney. Either way, it’s a breath of fresh air. Even if it’s on a street notorious for the opposite of laid-back and easy: Lincoln Blvd.

I know, I know. The street notorious for being called the “405 west” during the weekday commute? The boulevard tickled with fast-food joints, car washes, and thai massage parlors? Well, such transformations are not unknown, and gentrification has been overtaking the beach-side one Main street, Rose street, and Abbot Kinney at a time.

But it takes a village to change a block, not just one gutsy entrepreneur. Luckily, the real estate between Superba court/ave and Venice Blvd (roughly the 1900 block of Lincoln, Venice) has had impeccable timing and has been adopted by some of Los Angeles’ most inspired businesses.

Currently open and welcome for shoppers:

Huzzah (2010 Lincoln Blvd) a toy store for all ages (seriously, I spent an entire afternoon) checking out modern games, tricks, and treats, as well as flashbacks from my childhood like real sidewalk chalk, silly putty, and popguns, and jacks. A great place to stop in for a gift (for yourself or another) or to just reminisce. Warning: It’s highly unlikely you’ll leave without something. http://www.huzzahtoys.com/

Bruno’s (2012 Lincoln Blvd) a local pet store that offers the best food, toys, and accessories for your cat or pooch. Super clean, fun, and owned by two ladies who love their pets, stop in to geek out over cases of hand-made treats or solidify your fresh-food delivery order. Since it’s right on Lincoln there’s ample parking, and as it’s right next door to Huzzah you’ll have a place to park the kids while you spoil your pup.http://www.gofetchdelivery.com/

Superba Food + Bread (1906 Lincoln Blvd) built for destiny, this corner space (plus parking) houses a bakery, a coffee bar, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and booze. The room is lofty and transparent, and the menu strikes all ends of whatever kind of craving the variety-driven westside crowd might proclaim. The brainchild of Paul Hibler and boasting talents such as Jason Neroni (Superba), Jason Travi, Lincoln Carson (pastry chef), Jonathan Eng (baker), Ashley Ragovin (wine). Trust me, this is going to be the place that brings all the neighborhood to the yard, day and night.

And the gossip of a fourth, a butcher that’s well-known on Fairfax is going to open up a beach-side version to round out the clan.

So, in sum: We’ve got a butcher, a baker, a sandwich maker, a toy store and a pet shop. Sounds a lot like we’ve got a pretty hot block in town! You heard it first, here: Lincoln. It’s where you’ll find the cool staying fresh this summer.