Revolution Fitness

Santa Monica/Venice

You know the feeling – the one that rises when you start humming the next song on your playlist before it begins, or the sense of ho-hum as you’re half way through your “usual” run – basically, your body telling you that it’s time to switch it up.

Always looking for something new, when I heard about Revolution Fitness I was thrilled: initially because it offers classes I hadn't heard of before, but more importantly because it provides access to an entire menu of workouts for a chance to get my fix for several days.

What: Indoor Fitness Studio
Cost: Single class, private training, and monthly passes available
Unique: In addition to classic Spinning, Yoga, and Pilates, Revolution Fitness also offers Indo-Row, Core-Barre, Rev 20/20/20 and Rev 30/30 classes

Yes, I know you’ve heard of spinning and yoga. But Indo-Row, Core-Barre, and Rev 30/30 were all new to me. So I tried them. All of them. One after the other, for three days straight.

Indo-Row: Group “erg” sessions. Welcome back to crew workout 101, you jump on the contraption that after a few minutes renders you feeling like you’ve been running stairs and lifting weights at the same time. Great workout if you miss feeling your abs, the glute muscles you forgot about and the butt muscles you never knew you had.  Add a reminisce of post-yoga zen from all the regulated breathing through your nose and mouth and walk out glowing in red-cheeked sweat. 

Core-Barre: Equipped with yoga mats, weights, a foam ball, and some rubber bands, in a tiny room that looks fit for ballet you will perform strengthening exercises that will render you quivering. For days. Imagine squatting in a plié and then rising to your tip toes, punching the air after circular motions while holding weights, and various forms of crunches that burn in a 360 fire around your abdomen. Think pilates meets yoga, married with weight training.

Rev 30/30: Best of both worlds all in one class – imagine a class that starts with 30 minutes of cardio and end with 30 minutes of strength training. My dream come true, this is the vitamin version of a group class – every essential aspect of a workout you want, all in one hour.  Plus, the spinning room is the widest and tallest you’ve ever been in, and the bikes the newest versions possible (at least, they’re the most up-to-date I’ve come across).

Revolution Fitness, however, doesn’t start and stop with the classes. The fellow clientele is local and friendly, the instructors are energetic, helpful, and absolutely talented, and , as I know what you care about (almost) the street parking is ample and (on side streets) free.

So, when you find yourself in need of a new song, a burst of motivation, or just the desire to feel a new muscle, be sure to check in to Revolution Fitness and sweat it out in a whole new way.

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