Tar & Roses

Tar & Roses
602 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA

Type: Restaurant
Category: Bar, Dinner
Company: Traditional with an around-the-world twist
Tip: You won't be able to get res, but if you walk in an wait you'll get a seat

Dear Tar & Roses,
It is at the same time that I deeply apologize for trying to lift one of your branded charcuterie boards, as well as thank you for gifting it instead. Please chalk it up to flattery? I promise next time I won't try to steal anything.


Indeed. On Thursday night at 8pm I was that girl - yes, I had polished off the first of three glasses of wine while waiting to be seated, and yes, I did take notes all over the paper menu. Really, who do I think I am? I'm starting to think that my eyes are bigger than my perception - I truly thought that I could wrap the cheeseboard in the white and red napkin and oh-so-casually nudge it under my seat. Yes, I know we were seated at the front of the house...and again, yes, I PROMISE this won't ever happen again.

Duck Rillette on the infamous branded charcuterie boards
But, not the point. Tar & Roses is good. Fantastically delicious. You'll want several stomachs just because you won't be able to decide what to get on the menu, and narrowing down selections is like entering a f*cking gastronomic Sophie's choice. Here's how we did:

1. Charcuterie board, choice of 3 (duck rillette, torta de trujillo & idiazabal)
2. Braised Lamb Belly
3. Steak Tartar
4. Ricotta Gnocchi
5. Crispy Pig Tail
6. Dry Aged Ribeye for 2
7. Jerusalem Artichoke
8. Sticky Toffee Pudding

PS - Must-do's:
Braised Lamb Belly
Crispy Pig Tail

Put ice cream on top of the sticky toffee pudding

That is all. Cheers, and thank you.

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