Beachy Cream

Beachy Cream
1209 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica 90403

Type: Cafe
Category: Lunch? Dinner? Dessert? Yes
Company: Ice cream lovers who like to unite
Cost: Unsure, don't remember, and totally worth it
OTC Tip: For the best toffee bits I've ever had in ice cream (even better than Heath, See's, Godiva, etc...) get the Coffee Toffee. Or was it Toffee Coffee? Whatever, whichever, it's a cone-match for life.

Tucked like a single-scoop in a sugar cone in one of the shoebox store fronts on the north side of the 12th block on Wilshire, Beachy Cream is an artisinal ice cream shop that also bakes brownies and cookies. So, as you taste each perfectly spun flavor from a real spoon (balsamic strawberry, chocolate peanut butter, etc) from a real spoon, I recommend dreaming about which two cookies you are going to smash it in between. From chocolate chip and sugar to peanut butter or vegan, all are fresh and have achieved the perfect 70-30 of soft-crisp.

Today I went for Coffee-Toffee/Toffee-Coffee inside two chocolate chip cookies and with every nibbly nugget of toffee I exclaimed to whoever was aside me (my film guy, the restaurateur I was interviewing, the PR gal...) "God this is good."


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