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Todd, (me), Priscilla!
TMAC Fitness
Beach Training
Strand & Ocean, in the SAND
Santa Monica, CA 90401
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Type: Outdoors, Group Class
Category: Fitness and Recreation
Company: Date, Friends, Visitors
Cost: $20/class or $150/10 classes

Quick-Rec: There is no one else you'd rather have kick your ass in the sand for an hour than Todd. The mix-mash of heart-raising sprints, jumps, plyometrics, yoga, and ab strengthening will build you up and tear you down, keep even the most ADD person enthralled - and at the lovely beach, nonetheless. What a great view.

OTC Tip: Your first class is free. If you wear sunglasses, you won't get caught crying. Or staring.

So, you think you are in shape. Oh you know, you maybe run and go to the gym and stretch and lift weights - maybe you even take cycling classes, play basketball, and hike - or perhaps you race bikes and run marathons and such - but when was the last time you did a sprint. In the sand?

And not just one. First, you start with a few cycles of "ten and two's" (jumping like a frog from side-to-side) followed by jumping jacks and running in place. Then, while you are still huffing-and puffing, you do some line-sprints (including backwards running) and some more "fingers touch the sand!" jumps followed by zig-zag sprints and while your legs are still shaking and your throat is starting to burn from breathing so hard you move on to some slides and burpees, then to finish the "get your heart-rate up" 20-minute portion of the workout, several "leaping frog jumps" to the cones, and back.

Smile. Drink some water. You are just getting started.

Turn, go to the cement wall and several step-ups, push-ups, one-legged lunges (your legs will be shaking, no big deal), and some dips. Now to your towel, where you will bridges, some yoga, and all the variations of sit-ups that you never even knew were possible.

"Great job!" you'll hear through the sweat and sand that has accumulated in your ears. You made it.

Here's the thing - Todd's "beach bootcamp" (as it has been described) is amazing. Sure, you might feel queasy at certain points (I always feel it during the yoga portion) and you will definitely stumble/trip in the sand at least once (my first time, I fell twice) and while there are stories of participants puking (it may just be legend) it's a great way to start your weekend.

Maybe it feels so good because Todd is supportive, motivational, encouraging, plays great music, and does a perfect job of making even the kinda-uncoordinated feel comfortable and on-track.

Whatever you do, don't be scared. Give it a go, and you'll never be able to sleep in on a Saturday morning again. Also, it makes that "two eggs, bacon, toast, and potato pancake breakfast" that you will down afterward taste like the best thing you've ever eaten.

Thanks, Todd! We'll be back.

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