Venice Happy Hours!

Don't let the search for the local/daily happy hour sour the moment. Yesterday, when on the hunt for a (not-too-cool & cheap) hot spot to catch a drink and feed my face post sunset RUN on the Santa Monica beach, I came along Girl Gone Broke's site/blog (basically, an Out And About Los Angeles for VENICE BARS):

Venice Happy Hour (.com)
"Cheap Drinks for Cheap People in Venice, CA"

Type: Blog/Directory (and my new best friend?)
Category: Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Happy Hour
Company: Everyone 21+
Cost: $3+
Quick-Rec: Make it a bookmark. Read through every post. Export to an excel google calendar and share with friends!

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Review: Not only does Girl Gone Broke stick to the TRUE meaning of Happy Hour (inexpensive) but she also makes the decision easy by listing bar/dive/restaurant names on the right-hand side, and categories on top. Want to know the hours and feel of the HH at a specific venue? Search for the name on the right. In need of a place to "day drink," go on a certain day (like "Sunday") or with a certain view (my fav is "Boardwalk Boozing")? Choose from the colloquial categories up top.

You can't go wrong here: time spent browsing means your pennies stay in your pocket. As for the post-run drink/meal? Lisa and I went to Bravo Pizza (Main St, Santa Monica) and gorged on pizza and Stella ($5 each) while sitting on benches at the outdoor patio (tip: sign up on their email list and receive occasional coupons for FREE SLICES).

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