Runyon Canyon Park

Fuller Ave Entry
Runyon Canyon Park
2000 N Fuller Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
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Type: Outdoors
Category: Fitness, Recreation 
Company: Friends, Athletic Date, Visitors, Dogs, Family 
Cost: Free!
View & Loop

Quickie: For all you runners, backwards-walkers, lookie-loo's, hikers, and dogs-with-owners who want a 3 mile workout (plus a great view!) that you'll feel in your glutes for the rest of the day (but doesn't take forever so you won't miss brunch).

Tip: Technically, it's a well-pounded dirt "loop" up, through, and around the Hollywood hills. Avoid death-by-toppling and opt to go counter-clockwise (start at Fuller and take the path to the right) so you go "up" the steep stairs and "down" the wide trail.

The Do's:
1. Park on Fuller, Hillside, or Franklin (there is an entrance off of each one)
2. Bring a tolerance for everything related to hiking with dogs
3. Wear running shoes or hiking shoes (no rainbows, reefs, uggs, etc)
4. Consider bringing your yoga mat - FREE yoga every morning at the Fuller entrance

$1 Snacks!


The Don'ts:
1. Forget to look up, or else you will miss views of the Hollywood Sign and the pet horse next to the trail
2. Text, unless you want to trip over a dog or slip on gravel
3. Steal from self-service table at the Fuller gate that sells cold drinks, water, and snacks for $1 

Enjoy! And don't feel bad if the horse ignores you - it's probably because you aren't allowed to feed it.

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