Westchester Golf Course

Westchester Golf Course
6900 W. Manchester Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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Type: Outdoor
Category: Golf
Company: Golfers, airport enthusiasts
Cost: $22 weekday, $28 weekend ($10 extra for cart).  Cheaper tee times available for early bird and twilight.

Review: I'll admit, when I was told I would be golfing at Westchester Golf course, "yknow..the one right next to LAX" I was a bit skeptical. I mean, how good can a course be that has a radar tower along hole 5?  But any doubts quickly disappeared once I teed off.

Although there is only one Par-5, the rest of the course is an almost 50-50 split of Par 3's and 4's, mixing up challenging with the occasional amateur holes that give us high-handicap hackers some much needed motivation. The rate of play in the middle of a beautiful Saturday was comparable to other courses.  In fact, even with a noon tee time, we didn't have a group directly behind us, which always makes for a more enjoyable round (which means we took advantage of quite a few agreed-upon mulligans).

OTC Tip: Holes 15, 16, and 17 are the newest holes - Westchester was originally a 15 hole course.  These newest three (a Par 5, 3 and 4, respectively) are by far the best and most fun holes on the course.

While not Pebble Beach, the Westchester course is nonetheless a really fun - and well kept - course, making for a great afternoon with my buddies. Not once did any golfer in our group have to endure a ball getting stuck in a unsightly divot or pothole (a usual occurrence with cheap public courses).  Not only would I recommend this to a golfer looking for a cheap and entertaining afternoon of chasing a white ball around, but I have made Westchester Golf Course one of my primary weekend courses to play.

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