Bombay Cafe & Nawab of India

Fish Tikka Kabob. Best fish you'll ever eat.
Bombay Cafe  
12021 West Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Nawab of India
1621 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Type: Indoor
Category: Lunch, Dinner, Bar
Company: Newbies, veterans, and seekers of the authentic
Cost: $$
Quickie: For those who've had and those who need an Indian cuisine education, these are the places for both.

Last week I was spotted twice leaving two different restaurants clutching a napkin. Literally, I received an email from a reader few days ago inquiring whether that was me (yes, indeed it was) outside of two of the most long-standing Indian food establishments on the westside (in my defense, separate days).
“What’s on all the napkins,’ she asked, “The way you were carrying it, it would appear that you had a winning lottery ticket. Do tell!” In short, ten menu items that I absolutely could not forget – as each one I tried reminded me of something “so and so friend” would love because of the flavor, texture, and color. So, I wrote them all down. On napkins.

Ready to hear about two Indian restaurants where you’ll be able feed anyone and everyone?

Bombay Café:

Chutney Sampler: Three (I recommend more) of the house-made chutneys with samosas chips.  I could’ve eaten the walnut one for days – perfect for anyone who loves chips and dip.

Chutney Sampler

   Eggplant Deva: Japanese eggplant topped with fennel tomato sauce and garlic-ginger yogurt. Soft, savory, and succulent-a dream for those who like the texture of roasted vegetables and the consistency of a casserole.
 Garlic Naan: Like a soft fluffy pancake-tortilla, topped with garlic and cilantro. Think garlic bread in pita form but with little blisters from a stint in the oven.
 Malai Seekh: Minced and herbed lamb wrapped around a skewer. This is lamb sausage baked in the Tandoori oven, and anyone who likes sausage, kabobs, and Iranian Koobideh will happily tuck in to this.
Rasgulla: Fried popper-sized bites soaked in rose syrup. If you love donut holes this is the sweet for you – the secret here is that they are actually made from cheese!

Paneer Kulcha: like a quesadilla!
Nawab India:

Fish Tikka Kabob: Boneless seabass cooked in  
    the Tandoori oven on a skewer. Best fish I’ve  
   ever had, hands-down. Mouth-melting
   caramelized on the outside, soft and creamy on 
   the inside. Comes on a sizzling platter fajita- 
   style. You won’t find a better fish. Seriously.
 Sag Paneer: Spinach and cheese. Think creamed 
   spinach with more texture and flavor, dotted 
   with cubes of firm but melty “swiss-cottage 
   cheese.” Beloved for all vegetarians.
Paneer Kulcha: Naan stuffed with cheese, just 
   like a quesadilla but with an Indian spice twist.
Potato and Cauliflower Pakora: Reminds me of 
   tempura, but with less grease and more texture 
   between the crisp exteriors. Basically, fried 
   veggie-lovers delight.
Nawab Special Chicken:  Minced chicken cooked in cashew nut gravy (creamy). For those who like 
   Italian, this is your protein-packed fettuccine alfredo but without the noodles and a much lighter impact on 
   the stomach.

Who would have known that you could satisfy and feed a vegetarian, a vegan, an omnivore, a pescatarian, and even those who live on pizza all from one cuisine and one restaurateur? If you haven’t tried Indian food yet text these items in to your phone (or write it down on a napkin) and go visit today. You won’t be disappointed!

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