1612 Montana Ave, 2nd floor
Santa Monica, CA 90403
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Type: Indoor
Category: Fitness and Recreation, Group Classes
Company: A-traditional yogis who like hip-hop, rock, and pop
Cost: 5 Classes $90, 10 Classes $150, 20 Classes $260, Unlimited
Quickie: If you are OK with possibly finding yourself
doing The Plow to "Bottoms Up" (Trey Songz), then this is the yoga studio for you. Self-described as "flowing yoga," YogaHop will take you through the typical Power yoga series while swapping the usual meditational soundtrack for - well - music that will make you want to dance.

OTC Tip: Bring your mat, water, and a compass - Yogahop's store front is behind Pinkberry on Montana (and up a staircase).
Two rooms: West and East

This morning I did Downward-Facing Dog to Juvenile's "Back That Ass Up." Now, if the idea of fixating in Warrior Two to 50 Cent makes you cringe - this probably isn't the place for you. But here's the thing: sometimes, I think we yogis take ourselves too seriously. Sure, I'm all for the meditation, mindfulness, and "letting go of my thoughts" - but a few times every month I honestly wouldn't mind silently rocking out while breathing in to Crescent Moon - and YogaHop is just the place for that.

OTC Tip: Check out the schedule here

As you can imagine, the class went by really quickly. The best comparison is the difference between running with and without music - YogaHop offers that extra bit of distraction we all crave when working out. Granted, it's much more awkward if you start singing along when your favorite song comes on - but then again, being sweaty and contorted in braided positions inches away from your neighbor is always treading on shamelessness - so - why not add the cherry. 

OTC Tip: YogaHop is pretty popular. The classes tend to sell out, so make sure you reserve online and go a few minutes early.

The best part is the location of YogaHop - which is right on Montana, across from Sweet Lady Jane and other coffee shops/eateries so you can make a morning/evening of it and eat after your class!

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