Bryan Kest's Power Yoga

Secret door to the SM East location
Bryan Kest's Power Yoga
SMPY West - 1410 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401
SMPY East - 522 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401
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Type: Indoors, Group Class
Category: Fitness and Recreation
Company: Solo, Friends, Visitors, Date?
Cost: Pay-By-Donation - ($15/class recommended)

Quick-Rec: Evening classes are packed - so go 15 minutes early and be prepared to find a classmate's foot/arm/sweat in your face. Bring beer for the notorious SM parking lot "exit-wait" because sometimes, you'd just rather spend that 30 minutes drinking on the roof top than sitting in your car in line to pay. Just kidding (not). 

OTC Tip: I prefer SMPY East because it has a one full wall of windows (re: air flow). Note that the entrance is an unmarked door. Instructors - I like Bryan, Vytas, Anaswara, and Jerome. 


So you say you aren't flexible? You have poor balance? Maybe you think it's too expensive, or you don't want to "commit" to a gym or a monthly pass. Perhaps you "can't fit it in to your schedule."

Oh, stop. Everyone has one excuse or another why they believe yoga just "isn't for them" - and Bryan Kest has effectively eliminated the viability of every single one.

Based in Santa Monica, Kest has established two studios in the heart of the 3rd street promenade area. Not only does this mean there is ample parking (metered and structured) but that there are TWO schedules with times starting with a 7am and going all the way until even a 10:30pm! Classes are an hour and a half, and "pay by donation" which means even the poorest can opt for the "contribute what you can" route and still enjoy a $15 class.

Ok, fine, so Bryan's yoga can't take you from a tight-lump to an acrobatic-gumby in a day, but what he will do is talk you through every pose in one of the most soothing and therapeutic voices I've come across in years. One of my favorite aspects is that Bryan will continuously encourage you to "take everything you are thinking about, observe it, and let it go." He reasons that "the mind is like the ocean, so you can't stop it" and "whatever it is you brought in with you, let it go. You don't need it here."

I also like that most classes are "all levels," which means that even I (a robust beginner) can be comforted by close proximity to other newbie-stiffs, but also at the same time be absolutely mesmerized in to believing it's possible to fold in half and stand on my head because hey - that girl over there has been doing it for a full minute!

Strengthening, stretching, and motivational support without having to take time off of work or commit to a certain number of classes? Hello, LA. This place is made for you!

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