M Street Kitchen

M Street Kitchen
2000 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405
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Type: Restaurant, Cafe, Bakery
Category: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, HH, Dinner, Bar
Company: Everyone!
Cost: Ranges- $2.50/Muffin, $10/BLT, $18/Tacos, $6/Sundae
Quickie: Let's be real. The Happy Hour Menu is what you really want to see.

Review:  Main Street in Santa Monica may be known for its proximity to the beach and fittingly, M Street Kitchen/Bakery is a mirror of the location and clientele. Up at 8 for breakfast, turning to brunch and lunch at 11, winding down at 4 with happy hour, gearing up for a fun night with dinner, and closing the bar at midnight – the vibe matches the neighborhood, the menu plays to the season, and the pace fuels the people.

As you’d imagine, in order to shoulder the variety there are nine menus – and the shortest, which is breakfast, offers forty-four individual items.

So yes, it goes without saying that there is something for everyone at M Street Kitchen – anytime of day, and impressively, from a multitude of cuisines, as well. Per my duty, I’ve been to M Street for every possible meal, including a special event. I’ve nibbled, munched, crunched, sipped and swooned  - and since few people have the luxury (let’s be real, it’s an obsession) of finding the best things on a menu, here’s  a cut to the chase:

Breakfast/Lunch: Courtesy of M Street Bakery, I now know where to find the Best Muffins. Streusel-topped and rich, tender, and moist, you can’t go wrong with whatever flavor you pick. Also amazing, the M Street English Muffins (homemade, and the size of a saucer). The Havana Latte (made with condensed milk), the Berry French Toast (caramelized jacket, creamy interior), Farmers Market Root Vegetable Hash (aioli, poached eggs), to name a few more, are all worth getting up and in there before 11am.

Brunch/Dinner: Pulled Chicken Nachitos. Evil Thai Princess Salad. Dixie Pan-Fried Chicken. Cheese Burger, add Fried Egg(!). I advise getting a few plates and sharing. If you ask, they’ll even pre-cut the burger (and divide the fries).

Dessert: Take it back to the M Street Kitchen and go for the cookies. Any of them – I love the Snickerdoodle, the Gingersnap, and the Sugar Cookie. Get them plain, warm with ice cream, or (and!) a few to go. If you have some room and a few minutes, order the Campfire Pie (chocolate pudding, toasted marshmallow, graham cracker crust).

Like everyone else on Main Street, M Street Kitchen likes to work hard and play hard. Every few months, the bar hosts Toast of the Coast, an unlimited tasting event that offers 25 wines for $25 that also includes appetizers (bacon-wrapped figs, mini lobster rolls, sliders, and more) so by the end of the two hours you can (safely!) make your way home.

The next Toast of the Coast is April 10th from 6:30-8:30pm. Sign up early to reserve your spot!

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My husband & I went to M street on Friday; it was great!

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