Change Your Social Life. Get Offline.

What: LifeCrowd.Com
How: Browse pre-scheduled “events” from categories such as Indulgent, Active, and Creative – save your spot by paying, the designated day, location, and time.
Feels Like: Lists of LivingSocial-like activities with Yelp-like testimonials made personal by integrating Facebook profiles (optional)
Cost: Varies
Imagine: Cliffside Yoga, Beer and Cigar Pairings, Sushi Rolling
Who: You! Do it alone or do it with someone, and know that however you show up you will leave with a new experience and possibly some new friends.

We’ve all had it happen – you see a link on facebook, a re-tweet on twitter or an article in the paper about Something New. Well, new to you – and likely, most of your friends. You think “Hmm, this could be fun,” and proceed to copy, paste, and email it to your group of besties with the tagline “Anyone interested?” And since it’s probably something you’ve never done before, it’s likely that if you don’t get a “Yes,” you just won’t go – because let’s be real, trying something new (alone) isn’t always the most fun and social experience.

Enter LifeCrowd. The premise is simple, yet the benefits are abundant. Join LifeCrowd and you have two options. You can browse upcoming events and sign up to participate, or you can create your own and become a host. No longer are your days of exploration dependent on BYOF (“bring your own friends”) or your ability to MYOA (“make your own adventure”) – now all you have to do is sign up, browse, click, and pay and voila - you are on your way to building your repertoire and expanding your social circle.

Fathers' Office Burger - Replica
I recently attended the third installment of the LifeCrowd event LA Burger Series which boasted the Fathers Office Burger Recipe, a “make your own” session, and of course – beer pairings. Naturally I attended alone, and I am pleased to report that not only was I not alone in my decision to go solo, but the entire crowd was so welcoming, talkative, curious, and fun that I was glad, for once, that none of my friends wanted to learn how to handle raw meat.

Our host, Angela, while admitting that the recipe card she gave out is not the verified recipe from FO itself but rather the final outcome of several weeks’ worth of trials and errors, did a wonderful job of maintaining a casual atmosphere while still directing and explaining the process and procedure. While we cut cheese, sautéed onions, and fried burger patties, a group of strangers mixed and mingled; throughout our three hour event we learned that we had mutual friends, interests, and some of us found out that we were even neighbors. 

After exchanging numbers and promises to get together again we parted – full, jubilant, and with a burger education- I realized that my evening with LifeCrowd was much more fun and successful in “getting out there and meeting new people” than any night at a local bar. So while you may get drawn in to LifeCrowd because it’s online and it’s an easy way to try a new activity, the more profound impact is that LifeCrowd draws us out of our usual crowd and back in to life.


Jacquie said...

I was there! Besides setting off the smoke alarms with my bacon frying (I should have stuck to chopping something) it was a deliciously fun evening.

Alex said...

Okay, that sounds like a really good time! We are very excited to be working with LifeCrowd on our upcoming events and workshops. They seem to have a pretty good thing going for folks who like to be active and social. Sorry I missed this one, I'm a HUGE burger fan (onions please!)

Sallie said...

I mean, it's hard to *not* have fun when you are surrounded by cool people, burgers, and beer! Cheers to more socializing *offline*

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