RealRyder Cycling Studio

Does your indoor bike lean like this?
RealRyder Cycling Studio
11677 San Vicente Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90049
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Type: Indoors
Category: Recreation and Fitness, Group
Company: Everyone
Cost: $18/class, $80/6 classes, $140/12 classes, $240/25 classes

Quickie: Imagine your cushy spin class, then bring it back to the road a notch. While you still won't be moving forward, that's about the only action you'll be spared - these bikes sway back and forth, which provides all the benefits of being on a real bike (like engaging your core muscles) without having to fear cars barreling around you.

OTC Tip: First class is free! Bring your clip-in shoes and water. Little towels are provided.

They say that some of the best companies are not those that have re-invented the wheel, but those that that have taken the wheel and made it better (or in the case of RealRyder, made the typical stationary bike - well - loose).

Apparently, RealRyder is the name of the bike - the studio is just a franchized facility. As noted, the RealRyder is a bike for indoor cycling that appears to take the best from the world of normal fixed bikes (stable and easy for beginners) and mix it with the best aspects of riding a real road bike (you have to constantly use your core and other muscles to stay off the pavement). In addition, you have the perks associated with a gym class - a (cheer) leader, motivational music, and central air.

Naturally, I had to try it. This morning was my class - and I have to admit, unlike the evenings following my usual spin classes at Kinetic - I'm sore. My abs, my legs, and my arms. I feel as though I took a spin class followed by a pilates class - and then topped it off with a power yoga class. I'd go back, for sure - especially since the schedule boasts classes like Cardio + Core (spinning followed by a floor ab workout). All-inclusive workouts? Yes, please.

The Do's:
1. Ask questions before you start the class. I imagine there are a number of "lean" techniques and other various tips that would eliminate the minutes I spent guesstimating the bike's reactions to my various movements.
2. "Race" your neighboring classmates - you'll get more of a workout when you dig in to your competitive side.
3. Have fun - if you get your bike to sway wildly, it feels somewhat like you are on that 25-cent kiddie ride outside the grocery store.You know, the one you don't fit in anymore.

The Don'ts:
1. Be shy - even if you're a seasoned cyclist, not all bikes are the same. Example: the gears on the RealRyder bikes are controlled by a red knob. It's worth asking if you can't figure it out (same goes for the seat and handle bar settings).
2. Forget to thank your instructor! They just coached you through a hilly and intense "course" - and with a huge smile.

As I've heard before, my instructor (Tim) bid us off with a good morning with a prayer - "May this be the hardest thing you do all day."


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