Sullivan Canyon Hike

Gate at Queensferry Rd
Sullivan Canyon
Trailhead: From Sunset going toward the beach, turn right on Mandeville Canyon, left on Westridge Road, left on Bayless, and finally left on Queensferry Road (dead-ends at the hike entrance)
Los Angeles, CA 

Type: Outdoors
Category: Hike
Company: Everyone, mountain bikers and dogs included
Cost: Free!

Quickie: This is one of those "create your own adventure" hikes, as the initial 3.5 mile trail coincides with options to hike Sullivan Ridge, San Vicente Mountain, or Westridge Fire Road. Lush, scenic, and yet totally accessible to climbers, bikers, runners, and dogs for a hearty 7 miler - which is now one of my favorites. 

OTC Tip: Parking is limited in the residential neighborhood (a majority of the streets refuse parking between 7am and 7pm) so you might have to park a block or two down Bayless (no biggie).

New friend, Iggy
Upon making a quick friend at the beginning of my hike (it happens when you awkwardly start walking at the same time as another person) I quickly learned a few inside tips (listed below).

Clearly marked yet unpaved, shaded with Sycamore, Willow and Oak trees, yet sunny in patches (as as you summit the ridge) and all the while following what would appear to be a seasonal river - this is one of those trails that locals use daily, and probably go around deleting and untagging its location from places like Yelp so it doesn't get overcrowded like Runyon Canyon. My vote is that it's surprisingly underrated - of course, and then we came along...

The Do's:
1. Bring water and snacks - if you want to take the Westridge challenge, you need to make sure you have enough fuel for 10 miles!
2. Chat it up. Everyone I met along the trail offered friendly advice (re: watch out for rattlesnakes) and happily explained the various multi-trail junctions.
3. Push yourself all the way to Sullivan Ridge (the last 1/4 mile is steep). The view is fantastic, and when you look down over the canyon you will feel like you've for sure conquered something.

Trail Junction

Sullivan Ridge

The Don'ts:
1. Forget your dog leash. Sure, they can go untethered here but there is a lot of foliage around the trail (aka ticks) that your pup will want to explore so you will want to have the leash on hand.
2. Blast your ipod - this is a popular mountain biking path and the bikers will come out of nowhere and you don't want to get run over because you couldn't hear them zooming down the mountain behind you.

There ya go, another "right in the neighborhood" hike that feels like you've been transported deeper into the wilderness than you actually are. A perfect alternative to Runyon!

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