Chef Neroni. Let him feed you.
Type: Restaurant
Category: Lunch, Brunch, Dinner
Company: Those who like to munch and moan
Cost: $8-$19

As I've said before, I'm pretty reliable for taking pictures of good food. Heck, I can usually stay on task in the midst of great food; the real issue is when it's outstanding.

As luck would have it, Superba is an exceptional exception. Self-announced as a "modern take on a Pastaria," the experience was best described by our counter-top server as "we get funky with it," which we did - and I have pictures to prove it. In sum, just go, as it's the best restaurant that I've been to in months.

OTC Tip: Sit at the bar. Seek chef Jason Neroni. Let him feed you.

At first glance, the menu looks typical in size and stature, variety and focus. Italian themed tapas, for ordering  to share (or hog), you'll probably even note how well-priced it all is considering the location (Rose, the hip younger sister to Abbot Kinney), the decor, and the hype (snacks/starters are $8, bigger dishes are all under $19). But the thing to do here is surrender, and like us let chef Neroni prescribe and pace your entire meal.

Here is the Must List:

PB&J: Pine Nut Butter. Lamb Tongue. Pickle.

Brussels. Poached Egg. Dashi.



As you close the bill and heave yourself off your stool, remember to grab a flyer for A Tale of Two Jason's, the first of many collaborative dinners thrown by Jason N. and Guest. Reservations required, $100/pp. Can't hold out? It's OK, you'll be back, or at least your dreams will take you to this 4-bite moment over and over again:

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