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We’re trying something new here at OTCLA.  Instead of discussing a new hot spot in town or providing you with yet another way of physically torturing yourself, this post highlights one of the many ways you can do something good for your community.

Type: Outdoors
Category: Volunteering
Company: Everyone
Cost: Free to volunteer; adoption costs range from $50 for cats to $100 for puppies
A good friend of mine works with animals and has opened my eyes about the realities of pet overpopulation.  Like most non-sociopathic people, I’ve always loved animals, but never knew how I could actively help.  She presented me with options, namely volunteering at an adoption event, or being a true hero and adopting a new pet of my own.

OTC Facts:
         Approximately 100,000 pets are put to sleep every year in Los Angeles alone.  That’s 274 per day!
         Statewide, this number increases to approximately 500,000 (or 1,370 per day).
         And for those of you who don’t care much about the animals, maybe this will catch your attention:  Nationwide, approximately $2 billion is spent housing and killing these animals every year.

If you’re in the market for a pet, make adoption your first choice.  Most of the pets in shelters are loving, kind animals who are there thanks to an incompetent previous owner.  Instead of spending $$$ to get a pet from a store or breeder, you can adopt one for much less from a shelter.  Go use all that money you just saved to do the rest of the awesome things mentioned here on OTC!

OTC Guy Tip: Girls love puppies – its a proven fact.  (Sallie’s note: It’s true, a cute puppy will catch my attention much quicker than a guy in an expensive car)  Seriously, I’m pretty sure that it’s physically impossible for a hot chick to walk by a dude with a dog and not  stop to oooh and aaah over the cuteness (the dog’s - not yours, you egotistical bastard).

If you aren’t ready for a pet, don't worry - you can volunteer at just about any shelter or non-profit in your area.  I recently lent my services at a big pet adoption event and loved it; being in charge of hundreds of cute puppies is a damn good way to spend an afternoon.  The day starts with pets of all kinds - dogs, cats, rabbits - all available for adoption, hoping to find their new home.  One by one, a family or young couple would come by and spend some time playing with the available pets before welcoming one into their family.  Seeing the smiles on kids' faces and the tails wagging at Mach 3 was incredible; I’m not sure who looked happier - the adopters or the adoptees!  I met some amazing, passionate people, and went home knowing that dozens of pets were spending their first night in a warm, cozy bed, thanks to the work done by myself and the other volunteers.  

Sounds like a good idea, right?  Now that spring is ending and summer is just around the corner, there are tons of great adoption events where you can find a new chick magnet (err pet).  One great event coming up is hosted by the Found Animals Foundation. The Cat Days of Summer Adopt-a-Thon is this Saturday, June 18th at 16 different locations throughout the LA area.  The event features reduced adoption fees, as well as a 2 for You cat special (adopt 2 cats, and Found Animals will pay the adoption fees for the second cat). For more info, check out

OTC Tip: Most shifts are only a few hours, but if that still doesn’t fit in your schedule, contact your local shelter to find other upcoming opportunities. 

My friend likes to say she’s driven by the following “Saving one dog won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one dog.”  After my brief exposure into the field, I couldn’t agree more.

For more information about volunteering in the LA Area, visit:



WindyZephyr said...

This is awesome. Thanks for posting this!

Katie D said...

I completely agree!

GolleryMonkey said...

Maybe some folks would be interested in an event we (the Kickass Drinking Volunteer Benefactor Society) are having in Santa Monica on September 15... (for more info

Here is the info:
Do you know how many dogs get "put down" evey month in LA? If you are a dog lover, the answer will break your heart!
But, you can help!
Come help rescue dogs and have fun at the same time!

We will have Music, Hors d'oevres, and Drinks
Your entry fee is $5 or some Linens
(to help keep doggys warm when they are rescued)

Come, find out about some great organizations and what they are doing to help. People will be there from 3 different rescue organizations to answer your questions. And, yes, there will be a few dogs!
Hors d' oeuvres, Drinks, Dog adoptions, Question booth, Music

Door Charge without linen donation: 5$
No Door Charge for people with linen donations.

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