The Beach Barcycle

Eco-Friendly Bar Hopping
Beach Barcycle
South Bay & Santa Monica

Type: Outdoors
Category: Bar, Adventure, Fitness
Company: Friends
Cost: Varies
Quickie: Communal table on wheels, powered by your choice of booze.

If you haven’t seen it yet you’ll see it soon – and if you’re wondering what ‘it’ is, if you see a 16-seat trolly-like contraption centepeding its way from bar to bar in Santa Monica then you’ve spotted the Beach Barcycle. Simply put, the notion is a mode of transportation while bar hopping that lets you sit and chat with your fellow riders, work off some of the alcohol between drinks (each seat is equipped like a bike) and get plenty of gawking attention.

Where: South Bay (Redondo, Hermosa), Westside (Santa Monica, Venice)
What: SoCal’s version of the party limo: green, open-air, and equipped for exercise
Who: You and your friends, or join a pre-scheduled tour
Why: Arrive on the Barcycle and you get drink specials at each stop

As any SoCalian 21 and over has considered, there are many perks that come with arriving at a bar on a bike. The first is that you don’t have to find or pay for parking. The second is that you don’t have to fret about losing your keys (or having them taken away from you). The third is that you get the chance to burn off some of the calories (before you eat that 1 am pizza) and the fourth is that you don’t have to pay for a cab.

But the Barcycle makes the notion better (and won’t mess up your hair). In lieu of signing up for a pre-determined tour, you and your gaggle of friends can rent one out for a customized map that highlights your favorite stops. Indeed, day drinking and bar hopping just got better – after all, why crawl when you can pedal?

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