Cha Cha Chicken

Lines often extend this way...
Cha Cha Chicken 
1906 Ocean Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Type: Cafe
Category: Brunch, Dinner
Company: Locals, beachcombers
Cost: $9-$16/plate
Quickie: Lines get long - order ahead if you are getting "to-go"

Self-proclaimed "Carribean Food with Latin Fusion" Cha Cha is known for the bright shack-like exterior on the corner of Ocean and Pico (one block from the beach). Don't be deterred by the grass-tiki exterior that looks decorated by a preschool art class - this is a casual place for adults (and ok, kids) to sit and dine or grab and go most any night of the week.

Primarily offering chicken in many forms (roasted, pulled, fried, baked) inside an enchilada, a wrap, a sandwich, on top a salad or in gumbo - Cha Cha provides a selection of sides (fried plantains, dirty rice, sweet potatoes, cuban fries, slaw) so you can create a nicely rounded meal to your liking. No matter what you get, make sure to try the mango and jerk dipping sauces (my fav is the mango sauces mixed with a bit of sour cream).

Oh, and did I mention it's BYOB?

Recommended: Fried Chicken, Enchiladas, Spinach Quesadilla, Gumbo (and any of the nightly specials)

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