Huckleberry Cafe: Thursday Night Family Dinners

Duck confit, roasted grapes, haricot vert, weiser farms' potatoes
Huckleberry Cafe
Thursday Night Family Dinners
1014 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Type: Restaurant
Category: Dinner
Company: Anyone from the most busy and on-the-go to those who have the time to sit and stay a while.
Cost: $30/pp for 3.5 courses. Kids 12 and under eat for $15. Drinks not included.
OTC Tip: Corkage is only $5/bottle!

Most of us know Huckleberry as the breakfast/brunch/lunch spot that has a bakery full of bread, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, puddings, and other sugared delights that will make their way in to your meal no matter how full you happen to be.

Cherry heriloom tomato salad
But everyone needs to eat dinner, and as the restaurant-child of Zoe Nathan and Josh Loeb, Huckleberry decided to bring Sunday supper to the weeknight when, quite possibly, we need it the most. Starting at 6pm and serving till 9pm, while you can't get reservations (you won't need them) you can get a 3.5 course meal via cafe-style seating and family-style plating.

OTC Tip: "Family-style" means each course (minus the main and dessert) is served on one platter and you serve yourself.

Strawberry rhubarb galette
With a fixed menu that changes every week and includes a vegetarian option, Huckleberry promises to feed you no matter the number of mouthes you bring or how much time you have to eat. Also available to-go, you really have no excuse not to make Thursday night dinner the new Sunday night supper.

OTC Tip: Know what you're having before you go - Check out the Thursday Night Dinner menu online

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