Chaya Venice

Fontina Macaroni with Truffle
Chaya Venice
110 Navy St
Venice, CA 90291
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Type: Restaurant
Category: Lunch, Dinner, Bar, Happy Hour
Company: Entire patron pool probably lives within 1 mile of the beach
Tip: Amazing Happy Hour.

What a mix - Think an american steakhouse in Japan and you've just about understood what Chaya really is. Simply, two of my top kinds of restaurants fused in to one - and with a full bar to boot, it's unlikely that you'll leave hungry. Perhaps your wallet a tiny bit empty, but eh, semantics.

Per the usual, we started with the veggie tempura which was at par with the best, but more importantly is that the miso dip was the best tempura sauce I've ever had. More like a dressing, I almost asked for more just for the bread. Following, I went for the Miso Marinated Sea Bass and the Fontina Macaroni with Truffle. The last side was the Spider Roll, and dessert was shared Apple Tarte Tatin.

Pretty tasty for a place that spreads itself wide in terms of menu items, genres, and palates. I'd definitely go again for the tempura, seabass, and sushi, and recommend you try it out on your next hip date.

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