Wine Expo

Wine Expo
2933 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90404
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Type: Wine Bar
Category: Tapas
Company: Date, Friends, Visitors of the 21+ variety
Quickie: If you love wine and like food trucks, this is your kind of bar
OTC Tip: For small parties and group tasting rates contact Roberto to reserve the back room

Who knew that the gateway to a happy stomach, happy pockets, and a slamming happy hour was marked with a neon green sign and a loitering food truck? The thing is, you’ve probably known about the Wine Expo (full-service wine, beer, and liquor store) for years (it’s 19!) and it’s even more likely that you’ve driven by it more often than that. But did you know that it opened a tasting room a year and a half ago? And since Wine Expo is a) local and b) totes a daily calendar of drinks and food and fun, we are now best friends. After a quick chat with the infamous Roberto (the general manager) here is why you’ll have another +1 on Facebook, as well:

You will like the Wine Expo if: You're new in town and need a watering hole, or you're a local and tired of being a regular at Busby's or South. Maybe your age is outgrowing your love for dive bars, or perhaps you want to introduce your significant other to wine tasting. Of course, you could also just be in need of a bottle of wine or a few cases of beer for a party and want a few customized suggestions.

Roberto Says: The typical age range is 25-40, and the clientele is mostly female. Great for anyone looking for a happy medium between drinking in Vegas and wine schmoozing in Napa (Clearly, women are happy here and therefore men will be too!)

Monday & Thursday: Try 20 wines for $20
Tues: Happy Hour 5-7pm or try 10 beers for $15
Wednesday, Friday-Sunday: Happy Hour 5-7pm

Food Trucks: Wednesday-Saturday

Roberto Says: Check out the menu online for the weekly updates on drink offerings and food trucks

Price: More expensive than drinking bud light on your lawn, but cheaper than going to the other wine bars in the area. For example, $11-$30 per wine tasting (three pours plus a splash of proseco to start) and the mild cheese plate (three hefty servings of cheese, crackers, bread, grapes, and jam) $11.

Food/Drink: No kitchen, but the bar offers cold picnics of cheese, crostini, meats, fruits and olives. Perfectly paired and sized for the wine and beer flights.

Roberto Says: The rotation of food trucks offer a variety of gourmet items that you are welcome to bring in to the bar!

Feel: One-half straight-up liquor store and one-half wine bar – the prices and location keep everyone jovial without unleashing drunken mayhem on to the sidewalk. Great for the people watching that you want from a bar, and the constant hilarity you expect from the traffic of a liquor store with an at-home feel whether you are in a suit, heels, or jeans and slip flops.

Wild Card:
When I was there a couple dressed for a black tie affair arrived on a motorcycle and purchased a 6 pack of beer and a $100 bottle of wine. But who’s looking.

Now, no matter how many drinks or crostini you’ve had, you know you are at a remarkable establishment when Robert makes sure your glass is never dry and everyone leaves saying they’ll be back soon.

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