Sherman's Deli

Pastrami between LATKAS!!
Sherman's Deli
73161 Country Club Drive
Palm Desert

Type: Restaurant
Category: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Company: Big eaters only
Tip: Come hungry. Bring your hollow leg. Dinner specials start at 4pm.

Sherman's is not in LA, but if you are in LA then you can get there in a few hours, so it *most certainly* falls within the allotted OTC territory. Plus, with the number of weekly specials, early-bird steals and combo plates, this isn't just an LA-must. It's a CA-must. True, I had just gotten down from a hunger-inducing rock climb/hike (which I also recommend) but everything at Sherman's is so delicious that even once I was full it still tasted good - therefore, it must be.

As you intuit, Sherman's is a Kosher-style family restaurant by claim, and a place for big stomachs by proof. The red-boothed, old brown-lacquered walls accompanied by plates of complimentary pickles are expected but so much better than you can fathom. So go for breakfast, and/or lunch, and/or dinner (you'll want to) and let your taste buds tour your guide.

Chicken Matzo Ball Soup. Love in a broth, basically
I went on Monday around 3pm, just one hour short of the early-bird specials. Immediately I went for a bowl of matzo ball soup, followed by what is best described as a Jewish take on KFC's double-down: a potato latka sandwich made of two latkas and a pile of your choice: pastrami or corned beef. I chose pastrami, and added onion and tomato. The dining partners got something similar but the same (typical boys)- pastrami sandwiches.

Oh the ribbons of red and fatty, super-perfectly salty and cured beef squashed in to thick and crisp potato pancakes. Juicy tomato and rude onion cut the fat, and the mayo slaw on the side gave it all enough green and cream to fill in any holes. Called the Beef 'N Latkas, for future reference.

The only caveat is the forewarned food coma that awaits every diner as he/she steps through the exit. Like it was ordered, it will descend upon you like the wooziest of all sheep-sized fogs. A bank, perhaps - a cloud bank, to be sure. So, there you have it. The best Jewish deli I've ever been to and the longest-lasting food coma/hangover I've ever happily succumbed.

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