Thai Vegan

Thai Vegan
2400 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Type: Restaurant
Category: Lunch, Dinner, Late-Night
Company: It's rare that I say this, but from the most vegetarian-vegans to the piggiest omnivores!
Cost: $3-$7/dish
Hours: Mon-Thurs, 11am-10pm. Fri-Sun, 11am-10:30pm
A Quickie: It's what we all wonder when we drive/walk by....

So many questions. 
Review: Is it a restaurant? A massage parlor? Hard to tell. Having just moved two blocks away, though, I figured I should set the record straight and explain that Yes, it is a Vegan Thai restaurant and Yes, it's also a massage parlor. And probably used to sell teak furniture.

Bizzareness aside, the food is truly SO good that every night there is a cluster of people ordering or waiting or eating on the stump-benches next to the store front or inside on stools. And just HOW good, you might ask? Well, to start, it's certainly good enough to survive and thrive given the weird massage? food? conundrum and even better because it successfully surpassed my skepticism that usually gets stuck at anything related to vegan or vegetarian.
Back: Thai Spicy Wrap | Front: Paneang Curry

So back to vegan/vegetarian thai food. It's SUPER tasty, and instead of feeling sort of gross as I usually do after tucking in to beef pad thai or curry or fried-shrimp dumplings, Vegan Thai will feed you and leave you feeling quite pleased with yourself. Every item on the menu contains a hefty serving of veggies+, and the sauces/seasonings are spot-on thai.

OTC Tip: Miss the meat? You'll be tempted to order the "fake chicken/beef/shrimp" for +$2 but DON'T DO IT. It's kinda soggy and unnecessary and tastes like spongy tofu so..Just don't.

The Do's:
1. Order pad thai, curry, dumplings, and the spicy thai wrap
2. Dip everything in the peanut and teriyaki sauce
3. Order in advance for pick-up, the kitchen is slow and the place is popular
4. REVEL in the fact that the curry costs $5 and the pad thai costs $7

Did I forget to rave about the price?? Seriously, everything is $3-$7 which means you can FEAST for two for under $20. And for Thai? In Santa Monica? That's healthy, delicious, and for me, right next door? Yes, I'll probably be turning Thai very very soon as I stop in like once every-other day.

Pad Thai
The Dont's:
1. Order the fake meat. NO!!
2. Forget to check your order - it's occasionally misheard

For big portions and to fuel big appetites from vegan to everything-a-terian, go to Thai Vegan - and if you DO take one for the team and opt in to the menu in the back of the house, DO drop me a line and let me know how the massage is.

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