BOA Steakhouse

Swanky lighting wants you to eat, not snap pics
BOA Steakhouse 
101 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA

Type: Restaurant
Category: Lunch, Dinner
Company: If you like Sushi Roku and Robata Bar, this is by the same folk
Tip: This is the only time you'll ever hear me recommend to sit inside instead of outside. Why? The seats are super narrow long the window, so unless you like to slide while you eat opt for indoors!

I got called a carnivore last night, which is fine by me, especially since my steak of choice was the Bone-In Ribeye cooked medium-rare. I've been rather curious about BOA after learning that it's owned by the same group that runs Sushi Roku and Robata Bar (literally, across the street). Could I order from the Sushi menu? The answer is no, but don't fret - there are so many combinations and permutations at BOA you'll find yourself practically pleading for suggestions.

Here's some direction:

Our table ordered the Tuna Tartar, the special Mushroom Cappuccino, the Truffle and Crab Gnocchi, and our respective Steaks. Each steak comes with your choice of rub, crust, and sauce, so naturally I uber-ordered and got a sauce "tasting" (aka every single of one them) and my steak delivered medium-rare with herbed butter. Next time, I'd go for blackened and skip the herb butter since the butter was rather fragrant and over-stepping.

OTC Tip: Re - the Sauces - I loved the Peppercorn. All the others - Creamy Horseradish, Chimichurri, Bernaise, Cabernet, and Signature - I'd skip.

Tasting the Mushroom Cappuccino (think a mushroom soup with a white foam on top) I'd definitely order that again/or opt for the french onion soup (oh how I love). The Gnocchi was delectable, with huge pieces of crab in a lush truffle cream bath. The steaks were huge, and if you're wondering how big, I'll admit I took 1/4 of mine home.

The dessert menu is as teasing as the regular menu. We got the S'mores, but next time I'd get what our neighbors got which was the Banana Pudding. The S'more were sort of random (imagine a chocolate gooey cake, ice cream, marshmallow fluff, graham crackers) and definitely needed a douse of creme anglaise to wet through the cake.

Definitely a great steak, but for the price I'd vote for an ambiance less "vegas-meets-beach" (think blue-lit stones) and opt for either more traditional (Maestro's) or less focused (The Wilshire).

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