Dogtown Coffee

DTC Sweet 'n Sea Salty
Dogtown Coffee
2003 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Type: Cafe
Category: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner (yep, open till 8!)
Company: Locals
Cost: $2.25/large coffee, $3.75/large latte, $7.95/panini
OTC Tip: Remember these 4 words - DTC Sweet 'n Sea Salty. Order it.

With more places to get coffee on Main Street than you can count on two hands, there's not much room left for another cup of average joe. Luckily, DTC brought it - in the form of an iced drink called DTC Sweet 'n Sea Salty. Think an iced coffee with a dredge of caramel and a topping of "sea salt infused foam" which is better explained by "salty-unwhipped-CREAM."
Lunch: Turkey Melt

Yes, it's decadent, and yes - it's indulgent. But none of that matters when you are viciously stirring and whirling your straw to mix it all up before sucking it down in oh, probably five minutes flat. Additionally, DTC has the typical coffee house fare, including smoothies and tea. Even more pleasing is the food menu - finally, a coffee shop that has more than just two kinds of croissants and cardboard cups of oatmeal.

Impressively, DTC offers breakfast through cafe dinner, including "create your own" egg sliders, breakfast burritos, granola, and signature paninis. The best sandwich is the Bacon Bomb which sports bacon, aged white cheddar, tomato, a bold layer of caramelized onion, arugula, and DTC's "secret" chipotle sauce. Get it on the ciabatta, and be warned that while it comes cut in half, you won't be sharing. All sandwiches come with a tiny cup of thinly sliced cucumbers in a vinegar-dill marinade.

Parked on the corner of Bay and Main (kitty corner from Stella Rossa and menu-rival M Street Kitchen), DTC is a welcomed new neighbor that you'll consider a staple ever after your first sip.

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