The Market at Santa Monica Place

Welcome to The Market!
The Market
Dining Deck, Level 3
395 Santa Monica Place
Santa Monica, CA 90401
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Type: Indoor Market
Category: Meal or Snack between 10-9 (Mon-Thurs), 10-10 (Fri-Sat), 11-8 (Sun)
Company: Everyone!
Quickie: This is Santa Monica's version of SF's Ferry Building Market Place and Brentwood's Country Mart. Picture Main Street's Sunday Farmers' Market minus the dirt and pony rides, then add permanency and a bar or two all inside a lofty warehouse-ish structure.

OTC Tip: Go for any meal of the day, but understand that you won't be able to leave without gelato (N'Ice Cream), an ice cream sandwich (Beachy Cream), or a cookie-and-milk combo purchase (The Cookie Guru).

Beachy Cream!
The Do's                                                              
1. Go now and check it out. Take time to walk around and enjoy samples.
2. Try (then buy) every single flavor of gelato at N'Ice Cream.
3. Seek Cast Iron Gourmet and buy her Couch Mix and the Pimento or Bacon Chutney.
4. Buy bread at Rockenwagner and a plate of slice-to-order meat and cheese at Norcino Salumeria Cheese Bar.
5. Get a cookie and glass of milk (soy, caramel, plain, or chocolate) to-go from The Cookie Guru

Cast Iron Gourmet's COUCH MIX!
The Don'ts
1. Just sample - don't be that person.
2. Judge if a vendor isn't serving their full menu yet. Be patient.
3. Forget that these shops are the hearts of their proud owners; chat them up and you'll leave with an arsenal of recipes and great local "who knew?" tidbits (best way to eat bacon chutney: with cheese).
4. Leave without posing in front of either the "Life Is Uncertain Eat Dessert First" or the "You Should Always Play With Your Food" signs.

The point here is that life is too short to not a) eat well nor b) enjoy doing it. Luckily, the Market is the place to do just that!

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