Tender Greens

Sherpa Stew: Veggies, Chicken, Dumplings
Tender Greens
Various locations

Type: Restaurant,Cafe
Category: Lunch, Dinner
Company: Everyone
Cost: $6-$11/dish
OTC Tip: Seasonal ingredients. Healthy preparations. Affordable prices.

Review: Tender Greens knows that there are some things that just don't grow up - and one key to getting on the Santa Monica popular list is to tap in to people's hearts through their stomachs. Smartly, since the palate is one place where nostalgia likes to live, instead of coming through with another sit-down menu Tender Greens went for a cafeteria.

But wipe that grimace off your face: this isn't your 7th grade hotdogs in mac-and-cheese fast-food fare. A meal at Tender Greens is fast, as in "order at the front and pay when you get to the cashier and walk away  with your own tray to seat yourself." Food, as in market-fresh vegetables, meats, and starches- as well as drinks (wine, beer, ice tea, etc) and dessert (cupcakes, cookies) in a "create-your own adventure" style. Want a salad topped with protein? A sandwich with a cup of soup? The item of the day? No matter how you order it, you'll leave happy and satisfied with images (mine were of middle school: slap bracelets, juicy fruit gum, Saved By The Bell) flashing forward through your head.

Invested in providing healthy food for a fair price, TG is also deeply involved in connecting with the surrounding community through charity and programs. Talk about good-feeling food!

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