Fritto Misto

Photo courtesy of Fritto Misto: Hermosa
Fritto Misto 
316 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach
601 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica
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Type: Restaurant
Category: Brunch, Lunch, Dinner
Company: Everyone
Cost: Reasonable - Pasta dishes in the $6 - $10 range, entrees up to $15
OTC Tip: Reservations only for 8+, so play as you wish

It's a rare day when I don't take a picture of my dinner, and even a better restaurant when I've been several times and STILL have naught to show you. I apologize, but as expected this place is THAT good - truly, madly, quite possibly, my favorite Italian restaurant in Santa Monica.

Lofty position, I know. But home-style in sentiment, seating, and sense, Fritto Misto feeds in boisterous portions for a more than fair price. No matter what's ordered you'll find yourself coveting every dish you catch from kitchen to table, and despite being in Santa Monica amongst a sea of no modifications - Fritto Misto encourages your creativity with an open menu.

In addition to a regular menu, the create-your-own pasta list walks you through your own chance to become an iron chef. Start by picking your pasta, then proceed to optimal customization by choosing toppings, vegetables, and proteins. My favorite is the Gnocchi stuffed with artichoke and marscapone pate tossed in sage-cream sauce and topped with turkey sausage, spinach, caramelized onions, and mushrooms. It sounds rich - and it is. Enjoy it.

Note: Oddly, Fritto Misto doesn't offer meatballs - the source of one short-lasting tear. Also, $2/per person corkage fee.

If wine is your thing then you'll like that it's offered by the glass and up at prices that match the fare, and if you crave dessert, look no further than the flourless chocolate cake.

Open every day of the week, I recommend it after a long run.

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