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Type: Outdoors
Category: Fitness, Recreation
Company: Anyone who likes the ride of a bike and the stride of the elliptical
Cost: Same prices as boardwalk bike rentals (varies by location)
Quickie: Get the cardio you expect from running with the breeze you love from riding an outdoor bike.

If you’re of the walk, run, bike, skate variety and frequent the beach path in Santa Monica, then it’s likely you’ve seen the ElliptiGO. The self-proclaimed “outdoor elliptical bicycle,” the rider assumes a standing position while striding as one would on an indoor elliptical – but gets to experience the freedom and cardiovascular benefits of an outdoor bike.

Sure, it looks a bit silly. But here’s the thing: For those who've been injured and told they can’t walk or run for months and anyone (including professional athletes) whose been told to rest due to overuse  – then the ElliptiGO is a savior on wheels. Imagine getting to work out just weeks after surgery, and/or if you tune it right, replacing portions of your endurance training with half the time on the ElliptiGO and performing better and faster without wearing out joints and tendons.

Perhaps the ElliptiGO is a dream come true for recovering and training athletes because it was made by, and for, professional athletes, Bryan and Brent. Ironmen by sport (Bryan and Brent) and Engineer (Brent) by training came up with the idea when Bryan was sidelined by years of endurance sport and told to seek something with low impact. Sound familiar? It happens every day to endurance athletes, and almost just as often to people who aren’t even runners by profession. As such, the presence of the ElliptiGO is on the rise. Last weekend, I had the pleasure of taking the ElliptiGO out for a test ride – and while this is the first time I’ve seen one carving up the Santa Monica bike path, there were several cyclists and runners who, in passing, hailed “hi!” to the ElliptiGO.

At first, I was a bit hesitant. Imagine mounting a bike, but standing the whole time. Sure, it’s steady (and if you can ride a two-wheeler then you can ride the ElliptiGO) but it took me a few seconds to wrap my mind around the concept of breaks and gears (bike-style) while standing and doing the stride and motions that I associate with the stationary elliptical. But after practicing mounting, switching gears, and gracefully stopping, I was ready to get my workout on. Speeding down the  bike path, by the time we got from  the hotel casa del mar parking lot to Channel road (about 2.5 miles) my muscles felt warmed up and I was sweating just as I would be had I been running. Impressively, I wasn’t sore at all – not my knees, ankles, or tendons (years ago I was sidelined for several months due to an overused tendon, so these days if anything gets sore from too much impact it’s that pesky tendon). 

After the round-loop five-mile “run” on the ElliptiGO, I was sold. With the same cardiovascular and physical benefits I like from running, minus the sore ankles, knees, tendons, or hips that we all associate with overuse or old age, the ElliptiGO is great for anyone. Luckily, if you want to give it a whirl, there are two locations in Santa Monica where you can test run (or buy!) the ElliptiGO. Get up, go out, and check it out!

Performance Bicycle (for purchase): 501 Broadway, 90401 (310) 451 9977
Joey’s Bike and Skate Rentals (for rent): 1715 Ocean Front Walk (310) 395 4748

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