Movies at the Santa Monica Pier

Front Porch Cinema 
at the Santa Monica Pier
Limited Dates: 9/28, 10/5, 10/12, 10/19

Type: Outdoor Entertainment
Category: Movies
Company: Everyone!
Cost: FREE
OTC Tip: "free" and "on the beach" are really just synonyms for "busy." Get there early to snag a spot and park anywhere else other than the parking lots surrounding the pier - unless you want to wait as long a you watched to leave!

Just as the Summer Concerts at the Pier have ended, it's not quite fall yet in Santa Monica. The celebration of beach, warm nights, and the fact that we live in LA continues with Front Porch Cinema's Movies at The Pier.

Since it's co-produced by Eat|See|Hear, each movie night starts at 6:30pm with live music, food, drinks, and even lawn chairs to rent then rolls in to the film at 7:30pm.


9/28 - Wizard of Oz
10/5 - Hunger Games
10/12 - Exit Through The Gift Shop
10/19 - 500 Days of Summer

The only question I have is whether booze is allowed....?

Enjoy, and see you there!

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