Mandeville Canyon Fire Road

Mandeville Canyon Fire Road
2652 Westridge Rd (aka, the "end of Westridge Rd")
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Type: Outdoors
Cateogry: Fitness, Recreation
Company: Friends, Athletic Date, Family, Dogs, Visitors
Cost: Free!
Quick-Rec: Get there early, bring bottles of water, snacks, a camera, and sunscreen.

OTC Tip: Get adventurous! Start on the wide-paved, beaten fire trail with all the kids in strollers, then "veer off" to the right to take the "steep paths" that will considerably increase your heart rate (and improve the view!) Don't worry, no matter how "high" you go, you can always take the relatively downhill/flat way down.

Definitely Brentwood's version of Hollywood's Runyon Canyon. Dog, bike, hiker, walker, runner, and stroller-friendly, the Mandeville Canyon Fire Road (MCFR) is a great place to venture alone or in groups of various ages, numbers, abilities.

What I like the most about trails is two-fold: you can visit the same trail head several times and never do the same path twice, and the views - when you climb and climb and then turn around to see the whole coast of Santa Monica and South Bay, the sense of invigorating appreciation is overtaking.

About 8 miles of road/trails of varying degrees in difficulty and elevation, since MCFR starts off relatively high in elevation already, you are handsomely rewarded with gorgeous 360 views from the start. Try it, love it, and tell your friends!

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