1501 Ocean Front Walk
Venice, CA 90291
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Type: Outdoors, Beach Activity
Category: Fitness and Recreation
Company: Date, Friends, Visitors, Family, Kids
Cost: $8/half-hour (gets incrementally cheaper)
Quick-Rec: TRY IT! SO fun and SUCH a great workout - I will be a  frequent visitor

OTC Tip: Get to know Bounce! owners Heather May (fitness guru/chef) and Marc Levine (photographer) because they are one of the cutest, enthusiastic, and most down-to-earth entrepreneurial couples you'll find in LA . They will shake your hand when you enter, then you will hug them when you leave.

Within the thirty seconds it took to strap on the KangooJumps and stand up, the theme of the morning quickly became "Why walk when you can BOUNCE?!"

There are a few thoughts that will run through your head when you see someone in KangooJumps. First, you will think "Wow, that looks FUN!" Second, you will ask "I wonder if that is safe..." and before you get to the third thought you will realize that you are gawking and maybe even taking a picture/video of said jumper and quickly stop all staring and bashfully inquire "Can I do that...?"

There is one answer to all of the above and it is Yes.

Bounce! is a new storefront in Venice that rents KangooJumps. Soon, they will offer group fitness classes, but unlike other activities I can think of where a motivational instructor is often a necessity, KangooJumps are SO FUN that the only reason you will stop is because you are physically exhausted.

Strapping on KangooJumps reminded me a lot of pulling on rollerblades or ski boots (but more comfortable). Initially, I was worried that I would fall or trip or somehow manage to topple myself over - however, once I stood up I was immediately stable, comfortable, and at all times bouncy.

Watch the video of our first 45 seconds in KangooJumps HERE.

Aside from feeling like I was finally able to realize my child/adulthood dream of walking on the moon, walking/jumping/hopping/dancing in KangooJumps is a legitimate workout. Each boot weighs 2.5 pounds, and the springy element makes this a  low-impact "sport" (hint: ex-soccer players, runners, etc - if you have busted knees, shins, or arches, exercising in KangooJumps is like water running or biking - your aches and pains won't feel a thing!)

Watch the videos of me and my pal LISA showing off our new Kangoo-moves!

After an hour of running, kicking, jumping, and telling every local/tourist/kid/teen/adult/grandparent "Sure, yes, take our picture" and "Go rent a pair, the shop is right over there!" we were exhausted. Like, the "I just ran ten miles in the sand, carrying weights" type of wiped-out. Which is great, because the entire experience was at least a million times more fun than anything remotely related to running with weights.

Finally, after several attempts to remove the KangooJumps and call it a day (I kept leaping up for one more lap down the Venice bike path) I was able to relinquish my new-found obsession (I'm pretty sure I said "I'd wear these EVERYWHERE - the grocery store, to work, to do my laundry..." at least five times in the hour) and join Lisa in the point toward the search for a hearty brunch.

Now, how much of a workout can something SO FUN really be? Well, to put it simply (and this is coming from me, a current runner and an ex-long distance swimmer and Lisa, an ex-collegiate basketball player): We both report that we went to bed at 11pm on a Saturday night after sitting on the couch for the entire evening because our legs were too drained to bear standing . No matter - I wasn't sore the next morning (must be all that FUN). Not only will I go back, but a morning at Bounce! is a habit in the making.

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Lisa said...

Incredible morning had by all! I can absolutely vouch for everything Sallie has said above. From the amazing Bounce owners to the Perma-grin you will sport while rocking the KangooJumps - she has it right on. The greatest part about this activity is that it turned an already seemingly great morning

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