Dan Tana's

Your table will be the size of the napkin
Dan Tana's 
9071 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA

Type: Restaurant, Bar
Category: Lunch, Dinner, Bar, Late-Night
Company: Leave the claustrophobes and diets at home
Tip: Make a res or make out with the maitre di Christian - otherwise, it's Taste of India next door for you!

The last of its class, Dan Tana's is old school Italian, which means that it's pricey, hefty, and absolutely delicious. Unlike you'd anticipate, while you go here to be seen, you also go here to eat. That's because every main dish comes with a side of pasta (angel hair, spaghetti, penne) with sauce (marinara, meat, garlic and olive oil) and complimentary bread and butter. The most popular dishes are the Chicken Parm, the Veal Piccata, and any cut of steak.

There's also a table-side Caesar, but considering there's barely enough space between tables to say you're dining without everyone else in the room, it's usually made in the kitchen. Salty, tangy, and with the perfect hello from anchovy, the Caesar is worth every forkful and the slight detour from the inevitable carb-coma.

I'd also recommend the "potatoes and onions strings" which is something like "home-made potato chips and french-fried onion strings" also known as "you'll eat the entire lot of them and not be able to finish your main course" (not that you would otherwise - unless you are eating for two). If you fancy boozy desserts then get the Zabaglione because here it's also handmade and if warm and custardy in a wine glass is your thing, then this will be a closer. If you like things a little more PG, then do the Chocolate Mousse which is a baseball-sized chocolate bonbon encasing vanilla ice cream.

Potatoes. Strings.
Luckily, there is valet parking for a reason, and it will be the best $8 you ever handed over since the idea of walking to your car after tucking in to a full-on italian spread is worth three times that just to avoid. Cheers!

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