La Botte

The coveted Lamb Ragout
La Botte
620 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Type: Restaurant
Category: Lunch, Dinner, Tasting Menu
Company: Must like to wine and dine
Tip: Get the tasting menu OR three plates of the pistachio tagliatelle with braised lamb ragout

Review: La Botte is one of those restaurants where you just go for it. Open your napkin, ready yourself for wine, and tuck on in. The table foccacia is worth every basket, and in my recommendation I vote you choose the tasting menu OR get three plates of the pistachio tagliatelle with braised lamb ragout (or simply, the entire pot of ragout).

I know, it sounds like a lot. But a 6-course tasting menu (seven plus dessert) doesn't have to be gluttonous - in fact, expect each plate to sum about a quarter or less of what a regular dish would hold and you'll see there is plenty of room left for that bottle and a half of wine plus likely a loaf of bread you will undoubtedly devour.

While La Botte looks, feels, and smells like traditional italian, upon taste you'll see that it's nothing ordinary. With items such as beet stuffed pasta in brown butter with poppy seeds and branzino-rolled sea urchin - the treat of a tasting menu that showcases chef's favorites is the perfect way to eat your meal through the true La Botte experience.

Our tasting menu went as follows:

1. Wagyu beef with Truffle
2. Asparagus soup with paramasan foam
3. Briney shrimp pasta
4. Pasta with shaved ricotta
6. Pork cheek
7. Chocolate "candy bar" with some sort of tart berry mousse

Now, the above is not quite the most accurate nomenclature but you get the drift - which is go to La Botte.

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