Boulder & Denver, CO

The lovely Colorado

I've madly fallen in love with the weekend.

But I'm not talking about all that thrives in our local Instagram albums. I'm saying I've taken back the weekend and turned it in to something more than just two days we use for eating, drinking and playing within the 3-mile radius of our homes.

This is a love for the weekend spent out of town.

Of course, a whirlwind weekend where you get home at 9pm on a Sunday night having not done your laundry or the grocery shopping isn't for the weary. But, if you prescribe to the notion that life should be lived to the fullest, then heck. A teeming basket of laundry is a trophy of triumph.

Travel Tip:
It's important you don't spend too much of your precious time on travel. I say limit "each way" to 4 hours, which means the longest plane ride you can take is 2 hours, the furthest you can go north, south, or east is 120 miles (if you drive the limit). I recommend leaving Friday night so you can utilize Saturday on-location to the fullest, or, if you must, leave super early Saturday morning (no traffic - you'll be shocked how far you get in a matter of minutes).

Pearl Street
Here's how to do Boulder & Denver, Colorado!

Depart: LAX at 6pm, arrive in Denver, CO at 9-ish pm.
Rent: A car. You'll need it, and from Friday night until Sunday night mine cost roughly $50.
Stay: Find a friend. That's what Facebook is for. Or, opt to stay outside of Denver (cheaper) or using Hotel Tonight which lets you score super-last minute hotel rooms for uber-deep discounts. 


Visit: Pearl Street is Boulder's "Main street." Coffee shops to restaurants, hiking apparel to high-end duds an everything in between, check out the site for more ideas and to plan your promenade stroll.
Eat: Oak at Fourteenth 
Drink: Ozo Coffee 
Hike: This site has a cool list of all the local hikes (like a picture menu)
Ski: Eldora Mountain Resort (35 minutes out) or Vail (2 hours out)


Run, walk, or picnic: Washington Park
Eat and drink: Linger
Smoke pot (it's legal!) plus related news, laws and locations: Colorado Pot Guide

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