Hollywood Babble-On

Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at City Walk
1000 Universal Studios Blvd. #222
Universal City, CA 91608
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Type: Indoors
Category: Comedy, Group
Company: Anyone with a great sense of humor
Cost: $20

Quickie: Essentially a 2-person comedy show with Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman every Saturday night at 10pm (for the most part).  One of the funniest things you'll see live.  Ever.  

OTC Tip: Seats are first come first serve, so if you want to be on the first floor, hop in line at least 45 mins early.  But there really isn't a bad seat in the club.

Review: Kevin Smith is the director/writer of (what I consider classics) Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma, and a handful of others (I don't hold Jersey Girl against him).  Ralph Garman is best known in LA as the Showbiz Beat guy from KROQ's Kevin and Bean morning show.Together they are Hollywood Babble-On, an hilarious (and always offensive) comedy team. The show is distributed weekly as a Podcast on Kevin Smith's vast SModcast network and follows Hollywood-related news...somewhat.

OTC Tip: Yes, the show is funny, but might rub some people the wrong way.  I suggest checking the backlog of episodes on iTunes or via their website so you don't end up offending any prude/sheltered friends.

Each show loosely follows the same format: The hosts read emails sent in by readers who are attending the show (Shout-Outs), then read interesting emails from fans across the world, followed by news reports of celebrities who recently passed away.  Next is a bit on celebs who have done a good deed recently, and then they dive right in to the weekly news.  Each show ends with jokes on how big Liam Neeson's cock is.  (Seriously, there's even a fan-made site where people can submit their own jokes). And that's the jist of the show.  Although the hosts know the topics they'll talk about, most of the show ends up improvised.  It lasts around 90 minutes, and I guarantee you will spend all of it crying with laughter. 

View from the third floor
OTC Tip: I'm fully aware this sounds like a regular comedy show, but it's not.  Listen to 20 mins of any of the old episodes and you will be hooked.  I listen to each week's podcast while driving to work and literally laugh out loud by myself.  I usually only do that for my own jokes.  And as awesome as the podcast is, the live show is even better. 

The brilliance of the show is the combination of Kevin and Ralph.  Kevin is more laid back and, well, jolly (not a diss on his weight, I swear), while Ralph is the angry one.  This MIGHT have something to do with the fact that Kevin is high as a kite the entire time while Ralph is knocking back Jack and Cokes with reckless abandon, but that only makes the show better.  Ralph is a master of impressions, lending his vast collection of voices to the various shout-outs and news stories.  With no filter for who they offend (they routinely refer to Chelsea Handler as a "talentless c***"), the show will keep you in stitches the entire time. 

Shows are usually on Saturday, with the occasional Friday show.  From time to time they have a guest host, and are planning on taking the show on the road for a few weeks, so make sure you listen to recent episodes to know what is coming up.  For $20, its a great value. 

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