Santa Monica: Ice Skating

ICE at Santa Monica
1324 5th Street
Santa Monica, Ca 90401
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Type: Outdoors, Seasonal
Category: Recreation
Company: Friends, Date, Family
Cost: $12 for admission & skates. Lockers for your uggs are $10
Quickie: This is the SoCal version of the outdoor skating rink in New York and San Francisco, except it's about twice as warm and 1/4 of the size
OTC Tip: Go at night so you can prance and swirl around under the white festive lights

Since winter does not come to SoCal naturally, in typical LA fashion we import it. Open to satisfy that hunger for something that resembles anything like a season, ICE (for skating) is the first, best, and only excuse of the year for the Santa Monician to pull out her mittens, scarf, and leg warmers.

As we don't have real fall or autumn weather to pace us, skipping straight from Halloween to the host of winter activities is sort of excusable - especially if it includes taking advantage of being outside and drinking salted caramel hot cocoa. Appropriately, the outdoor ice skating drink in Santa Monica will open on November 11th and stay through and well beyond the new year (December 16th).

Make sure to go at least once. Get a bit wet, a little bruised, rather rosey-cheeked and enjoy The Most Wonderful Time Of Year (most adults stay for about an hour, or until the happy hour drinks wear off...which sounds about right).

Mark your calendars! ICE opens this FRIDAY!

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