Swedish Massage: $35

California Healing Arts College
12217 Santa Monica Blvd Suite 206
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 826-7622                                                        

Type: Indoors
Category: Fitness, Relaxation
Company: Need a no-nonsense massage? Then, you!
Cost: $35/50 minutes
Quickie: No-frills, clean, professional, and since you aren't allowed to tip $35/massage means just that.
OTC Tip: First timers only pay $25

For a massage of such a fantastic deal, I'm sure you've tentatively deemed it too good to be true OR you assume I spent the entire time with my nose pinned and my eyes closed. And the only reason I think I ever gave this place a shot is because it's a school, therefore, there are strict protocols, regulations, and a level of scared professionalism that erases the fact that you are in a shared room divided by curtains on the top floor of a  tiny suite in a strip mall and - well - for at least half of what you would pay anywhere else.

1. Call ahead. At least one-day; I've never had any trouble calling on a Friday for a Saturday appointment or  on Saturday for a Sunday session but scheduling in advance guarantees you a spot.

2. Let them know your preferences. Male? Female? Also, consider what ails you so you can tell your masseuse. This weekend I said I needed my lower back released and my thighs rubbed down - and despite my goofy grin as I said "thighs," all I received was a polite nod (and yes, my quads got at least 5 minutes each).

3. Wash your feet, appear normal, and be nice. You think I'm kidding? Imagine having to thoroughly rub people down all day - and you'll get why making sure you've recently showered is the least (and most) you can do.

4. Tell 'em how you like it. No, it's not rude, it's helpful, and while they can read knots and tendons and things, the one muscle they can't feel out is your mind.

How it Works:
1. Check in at the front desk. Pay in advance.
2. Sit and wait - your masseuse will present him/herself and shake your hand. You will then walk outside of the office and before you enter the massage room you will get asked questions.
3. Do you have any injuries? (Sallie: No) What needs work? (Sallie: Shoulders, lower back, thighs) What kind of pressure do you like? (Sallie: Hard)
4. The massage room is dark and full of curtained partitions. The curtains fall from ceiling to floor, and there is a nice rhythmic soundtrack that, if named, would probably be called twilight in the tropics. You are directed to undress (masseuse waits outside) and position yourself under the sheet.
5. I stripped down to my underwear, and felt comfortable, secure, and covered the entire time.
6. They'll use a sort of unscented lotion so you won't get skin burns. Enter bliss.
7. After your time is over you are left to dress. Outside your masseuse will greet you with a glass of water (sounds silly but when you see it you will think: BRILLIANT because it's exactly what you want)...and a survey.
8. Fill out the survey, the feedback is crucial to their development. Be nice and thankful and write it down - this is your only way to show your appreciation since you are not allowed to tip!

Drop your survey at the front desk and float down the stairs to your parked car. Check in on facebook and twitter and share with friends. Well. Selectively; I don't ever want to have to wait.

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