Halepi: Greek Restaurant

Taramasalata aka Best Dip On Earth
18 Leinster Terrace
London, UK W2 3ET
020 7262 1070

Type: Restaurant
Category: Lunch, Dinner, Late-Night
Company: Everyone. It's a family-run joint!
Cost: 5 Pounds/Appetizer, 13-26 Pounds/Main

Review: The restaurant was packed with locals who cheered and toasted the owner every time he passed the long rows of shoulder-to-shoulder communal diners. The wait was long and clustered around the flanks of the windowed-walls; but by golly, when traveling abroad this is the kind of discovery you crave: the local spot. Greek tavern and kebab house by name, delicious, authentic, and the best Greek food I've ever had by  memory - if you ever find yourself in Bayswater, London - make your way here.
Watch while you wait

Must get:

1. Mixed Starter: Houmous (pureed chickpeas), Melizanosalaa (eggplant dip), Taramasalata (fish roe in to a cream-cheese like texture. Just eat it, you'll order more), Tzatziki, Tabouli.

2. Souvla: "Lamb on a Spit" - you won't need a knife for this roast, it falls apart by just looking at it.

3. Grilled Halumi: Grilled cheese, literally.

4. Of course - pita, Greek salad, House beer, and the complimentary desserts.

Sure, you'll sit close enough to your fellow patrons to rub elbows, but I'd sit on their laps if it meant getting back to this place anytime soon. Eat up! Cheers.

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