Moe Eggrolls: A Truck

The Reuben
Type: Food Truck
Category: Lunch, Dinner, heavenly anytimeness
Cost: $9+
Quickie: "Jewnese" delicatessen in wrapped in an eggroll or swathed between bread. Gluten-free options also available!

Review: Simply - "This Is My Favorite Food Truck In Los Angeles." Sure, it's a statement, but I'm fully ready to back it up as fast and die-hard as you'll find me eating these at every single meal possible. Yes, it's that kind of love (obsession).


Look for Moe!
So, you're probably a bit confused. What, an eggroll? For a meal? Well yes - when it's 7 inches long and possibly 4 inches wide, and it contains spin-off/typical Jewish-deli sandwich/entree fare (my favorite is the Big Moe: char-siu brisket, mango slaw, chinese aioli) then a meal it is. And quite possibly, the best kind of happa menu out there.

Whether you opt for a big eggroll or a sandwich (also huge, probably enough for two), the one thing I can guarantee is that you'll be hooked, all puns aside (having already talked about sizable eggrolls and all). Also try a side for a few bucks, the GF option (everything wrapped in rice paper) and the occasional special (donuts)!

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