Sunny Spot

Sunny Spot
822 Washington Blvd
Venice, CA 90292
Brunch Menu

Also saucily known as Hot Spot amongst my friends (for reasons you will have to see for yourself) - this Venice-thriving Brunch, Happy Hour, Dinner, and Bar spot is my newest favorite of the infamous Kogi clan. Bred, born, and raised behind its older siblings Chego, A-Frame, and Alibi Room, Sunny Spot has hints of A-Frame and sauces like Chego, but serves earlier than all three via plentiful brunch starting at 10 am every weekend.

While I'm a huge fan of recommendations 50% of the time, I've realized that if you go to brunch early (like, 11am) or if you simply walk in to a restaurant a bit off hours and days (like Monday at 8pm) you'll have naught a full-house in sight. So, while Sunny Spot can get really hot at brunch, if you go early you'll get in, get full, and get out before a line forms.

Vibe: Indoor-outdoor seating that looks like the touches of interior decorating by Alice in Wonderland all grown up. Flowers, spring colors, funky mis-matched plates and silverware, the sexy thing about it is that this slightly frilly beach-side space gets down at night. Racks of alcohol, a menu that boasts "Open Late 7 Days," and a brunchy clientele that will make you wonder if you should have kept on your going-out clothes from last night, this petite eatery is no slouch to the Venice party life we know and love.

Food: Do you like saucy, spicy, meaty, and lip-smacking delicious? If you heart eating out of a bowl or mashing everything together, definitely pull up a chair to this menu. Brunch is a typical fare of options that range from eggs any way to omelets, french toast to salad, and grits to - ohdeargod, one of the best words and overall bowls of who-really-knows-what called Muh-F'K'N-MoFongo with eggs - and your usual coffee, juice, soda, and boozy AM cocktails. You can tell what I recommend, whatever else you get: do the MoFongo. Claiming to be composed of plantain, garlic, bacon, herbs, ginger oil, and eggs - just eat it. It will be excellent, and that is all your taste buds and stomach need to know.

Personally, I can't wait to return, which says a lot considering there's practically a bar, restaurant, or cafe every 200 feet in Venice. But this MoFongo-munching, beach-kissed crowd is priceless, and absolutely worth several meals and late-nights of seconds.

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