Hollywood Pies

Bib on, dive in. 
Hollywood Pies
1437 S Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90035

Type: Dinner
Category: Delivery, Carryout
Company: Deep dish aficionados, cheese and tomato sauce fatties.
Cost: $12 (small) - $27 (large). Delivery cost included.
Quickie: For anyone who is from Northern CA and misses Zachary's Pizza, this is your SoCal fix.

OTC Tip: No restaurant here (yet). Delivery (5-mile radius from above) and take-out ONLY (for now). Call if you are on the border, because they'll (if you are nice) deliver a bit further if it's off typical traffic hours.

You should know that Alex and I love Zachary's Pizza. We love it so much that whenever we drive up north to visit out families, we ALWAYS bring pizza back with us - and yes, we sit them side-by-side in the back seat and yes, we buckle them in. Alex goes for the thin crust and I, due to an amorous obsession you are about to realize, go for the deep dish.

Mournfully, there is nothing like it in Southern CA. I have looked, tried, and even attempted to persuade local pizzerias that "get close" to "copycat." The problem is, Zachary's deep dish is "Stuffed," which means there is a thin layer of dough on top of the "toppings" and right beneath the tomato sauce which gives it a casserole-like structure that is game (ok, LIFE) changing. Yes, I've been to NY&C in Santa Monica. Yes, I've been to Earth, Wind, and Flour on Wilshire. And yes, I've been to BJ's and Uno and  and No, no, no. I hear Masa in Echo Park has a great one but feh, that's FAR.

Perspective: The Bugsy (Pepperoni, Sausage) + Basil
Enter Hollywood Pies. Introducing my fix that's close enough to my Zachary's and closer than - well - driving 350 miles north. I'LL TAKE IT, and just about anything else I have to put up with to get it, which isn't much since HP keeps the menu simple, the prices fair, and yes, even delivers right to my door even though I'm about 5 blocks WEST of the coveted delivery zone.

Finally, a deep dish pizza that takes off the edge. Plus, it's a silly little place that has yet to establish a restaurant so you can either get it delivered (yes please) OR you can pretend you are purchasing contraband and call for to-go and drive to a particular location (above) and call the number (above) and have a perfectly normal human trot out from (no-name store front) and slide your pizza through your cracked window. Hilarious. An expedition, an adventure, why not.

In addition to a sturdy cornmeal crust the cheese is aplenty (they also make their own ricotta), and the tomato sauce is succulent, garlicked, and delightfully robust.

OTC Tip: Looking to match Zachary's? Despite the name/tease the Spinach pie won't do it, but if you get the Bugsy (pepperoni and sausage) and add basil (only $1 more) you'll hit familiar taste...

Number-->Your Phone, Now.
Swoon. Moan. Thank the pizza gods that someone caught on that there ARE people in SoCal who like to consume more cheese than they should while unsuccessfully combating the inevitable shower of sauce that will flood their chins.

OTC Tip: Order to-go and you get 15% off the ticket price. Order on Thursdays and get A FREE SMALL CHEESE PIE if you order a large. Trust me, you'll need it, because if there's more than one of you expecting to feed on the glory then you'll need the baby pie to settle the fight over custodial rights to the leftovers.


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Love zachary's and always eat there when I am in the bay area too!! Great post and thanks for tip about the flavor profile, adding basil.. Haha!

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